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Frequently Asked Questions2017-11-27T13:29:21-05:00
What sizes of trees do you accept?2021-12-29T14:52:20-05:00

We accept trees up to 12ft in height. If you have taller trees, please contact us, so that we may accommodate you.

When can someone come out to pickup my tree?2019-01-02T21:47:25-05:00

You can select what tree days work best for you! Using our online scheduling system, you may select from the available days when booking your pickup.

Can I call to set an appointment?2017-11-27T13:14:08-05:00

All of our appointment times are requested and scheduled online. We regret that we cannot take call-ins at this time.

How do I need to prepare my tree for pickup?2017-11-27T13:13:43-05:00

No matter which service you select, please be sure to remove all ornaments, tinsel, lights, tree skirts, and any other decorations from your tree prior to our arrival. It’s also a good idea to have a bucket available to pour leftover water that remains in the tree stand.

What happens to the trees after they are picked up?2017-11-27T13:13:11-05:00

After we pickup your tree, it is taken to be responsibly recycled.  We absolutely do not dispose of trees in a landfill or other harmful method, as we care about the environment as much as you do!

How can I prevent tree needles from getting everywhere when using the Basic curbside pickup?2017-11-27T13:12:45-05:00

The best way to avoid tree needles from getting all over your floor, carpet, clothing, and exposed skin areas would be through the use of a tree bag. You can purchase the bag by visiting our shop page.

Can I vacuum any leftover tree needles?2017-11-27T13:12:13-05:00

Tree needles really shouldn’t be picked up with vacuum cleaners, as they can clog and damage the machine. The best way to get them up is the old-fashioned way: with a broom and dustpan. More manual labor now, but less money spent on a new vacuum cleaner later!

Can I burn my old Christmas tree in the fireplace?2017-11-27T13:11:31-05:00

You could, however, Christmas trees have a high content of flammable turpentine oils, and this can contribute to the buildup of creosote in your chimney and a higher possibility of starting a chimney fire (which could burn down your house). We don’t think you want that, so we advise you not to burn your Christmas tree. Period.

Can I recycle or donate my artificial tree?2017-12-21T12:00:23-05:00

Although it’s a great idea (and kudos to you for wanting to be responsible!), we are not accepting artificial trees for donation or recycling.

However, you may check with certain Christmas tree recycling centers to see if they accept artificial trees.  For a partial list of these tree recycling centers, visit our tree recycling locations page.

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