Atlanta Counties Don’t Automatically Pickup Your Christmas Trees

  • Tree Pickups   •   January 11, 2018


Your county does not provide curbside pickups of your Christmas trees. This means if you set them outside with your regular trash pickups, THEY WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.

Don’t confuse drop off services for pickups.  You still have to:

  • take your tree to your car
  • then, either:
    • load it into your car, then spend an hour vacuuming out all of the leftover tree parts that fell out on the way, or
    • place it on top of your car, strap it down, pray it doesn’t fall off (because you aren’t a professional)
  • drive to the facility to drop off the tree (we have a list of Christmas tree pickup locations for you Do-It-Yourselfers)
  • if the onsite people don’t help you remove the tree from your car, you’ll have to do it yourself
  • tally up either the vacuuming bill (low cost, lots of time to get the car clean) or the body shop bill (due to the scratches that may be on top of your car)

All to responsibly recycle your Christmas tree.  Ugh.

Or, you can simply schedule your pickup online with us, take the tree to your curb, and let us handle the rest.


We will pickup your Christmas tree and recycle it responsibly for you. And we’re the only service that allows you to view the calendar, schedule, and purchase your pickup all online!

Due to high demand, our pickup schedules are almost full, so be sure to book your Christmas tree pickup today!

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