Philly the Latest City Abandoning Christmas Tree Pickups

  • Tree Pickups   •   January 11, 2018

It may be the city of Brotherly Love, but it’s throwing shade at Christmas trees.

The city of Philadelphia is the latest in a growing trend of cities that will take your tax money, but won’t provide Christmas tree pickups.  Sure, they have the trucks and infrastructure to perform the service, but they’d rather their citizens do the heavy lifting of taking their Christmas trees to specified recycling centers when the holiday season has concluded.

When cities stop picking up trees, it leads to a noticeable increase in illegal dumping, tree burning mishaps, and mini forests on the side of the road from those who are not aware of the changes.  All of this lowers the quality of living and still burdens the city with picking up after litterbugs.

Your tax dollars at work.

One alternative is to contact the good people at Take My Christmas Tree.  By scheduling an appointment with them, they can come pickup your tree on the day that you specify, and give you peace of mind knowing that your tree will be disposed of properly by being recycled.  Click this link to schedule your curbside tree pickup.


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