Miami-Dade County May Stop Christmas Tree Pickups

  • Tree Pickups   •   June 25, 2017

Mayor promises a cut to services — including Christmas Tree pickup — if residents don’t pony up more loot.

Maybe the mayor has just become the grench.

Mayor Carlos Gimenez has just announced that the county’s service of picking up Christmas trees after the holiday season may be in jeopardy if residents don’t agree to a fee hike of at least $19 per year to make up for a budget shortfall that has accumulated over the years.  The last increase in the garbage pickup fee was in 2006.

The cuts that would ensue if the increased fees are not approved include, “closing some recycling centers and reducing operations at others, discontinuing retrievals of shopping carts and curbside litter, and canceling the post-Christmas pickup of ‘holiday trees’ left on the curb.


There is a silver lining, however.  The awesome readers of Take My Christmas Tree don’t have to be concerned with this threat when they schedule a pickup of their Christmas “holiday” tree.  Our team can come pickup your tree on the day that you specify, and we’ll dispose of it properly so that it won’t become “curbside litter.”

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